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Chin Augmentation Surgery

Chin Augmentation Surgery


India is one country that has caught the attention of people across the globe for the end number of reasons. However, in recent times, plastic surgery tourism has brought India on the world map, courtesy easy availability of the top plastic surgeons and affordable cost of the procedures. Chin augmentation surgery through chin implants is a popular procedure for improving facial features.


Cosmetic Chin Augmentation Surgery is an ideal option for those who feel their chin is not in the right shape in proportion to the rest of their faces. It is a popular procedure among both men and women and can be accomplished through chin advancement or facial implants. The procedures add proportion to the chin providing balance to the remaining facial features. A weak chin makes your neck appear fleshy. It even accentuates the size of a normal nose making it appear bigger. The decision to undergo chin augmentation surgery through chin implant brings all facial features in harmony thus balancing the overall facial structure.


Treatment Options


There are two ways in which chin implant surgery can be done. These are:


Injectable Fillers – These include hyaluronic acid, polymethyl methacrylate, collagen, and hydroxylapatite. While hyaluronic acid and collagen are temporary and lasts only for a few months before getting absorbed into the body, PMMA is permanent. It is not easy to remove these injectable fillers.


Solid Implants – These are the most commonly used options for the procedure because it gives long-lasting results. Synthetic implants are made of silicone, which is a flexible material however has no complications like leak or rupture. Solid chin implants can be made of cartilage or bone is taken from some other body part. This particular chin augmentation surgery technique is apt when the chin is reconstructed because of loss of structure in cases of some ailments and accident cases.


Chin Augmentation Surgery

Recessive chin augmentation surgery makes use of chin implants for supplementing the existing bone at the front of the jaw below the teeth. The artificial implant settles under the skin giving it a permanent boost to the definition and strength of the chin. The augmentation technique can give patients a well-proportioned and pleasing look.

A cosmetic chin augmentation surgery is usually done on an outpatient basis at the hospital or the facility of the surgeon. Several factors determine the length of the surgery, however, usually lasts between forty-five minutes and two hours. The administration of the anesthesia depends on the preference of the patient and the surgeon.


The incision is made at the time of the surgery are made inside of the mouth between the lower lip and the gum or underneath the chin. Incisions made in the mouth might introduce bacteria to the body, however, there is no visible scarring. After making the incisions, the surgeon places the implants and positions them in front of the jawbone. After that, the doctor checks the appearance for proper balance with other facial features and might modify or adjust the implant ensuring the right look is achieved. Once this is performed, the surgeon closes the place with sutures. Sutures placed inside the mouth dissolve after ten to twelve days. On the other hand, sutures placed outside the mouth are removed after the same period.



Based on the anesthesia given, you would be discharged from the hospital. In some cases, a patient has to spend a night or two at the hospital. Distortion or swelling of the chin may last for a week to fifteen days. You can resume normal activities and work in a week or ten days and return to strenuous and rigorous activities in about six to eight weeks. Follow the surgeon’s instructions for timely and quick recovery.



The results of this procedure are outstanding giving you a more defined and stronger jawline. This would improve the overall appearance of your face. The results usually last longer.




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