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Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation

Is more hair in your comb making your worried? Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure that can help you get rid of this problem. It works by extracting hair from the back of the scalp and transplanting it to the bald area.
Both hair thinning and hair loss is a common problem in men and women as they age. In fact, age has nothing to do with this problem. The hair loses elasticity resulting in lifeless and brittle hair. Some of the most common factors that affect hair growth patterns are changes in hormones, a family heredity of baldness and ageing. Also, it is not for common for menopausal women to experience a change in hair distribution and quality, hair loss and hair thinning. When breakage of hair is faster than the rate at which it grows, an individual starts losing on length that leads to thinning and hair fall.
Generally, the earlier hair loss starts, the more severe baldness would become. MCosmeticSurgeryIndia can help you get rid of this problem. We are working in close association with plastic surgeons who are known to perform hair transplantation.
The type and quality of hair you have and where you are losing hair would factor into the decision of your plastic surgeon on how much hair to transplant and from where to take their grafts.
There are different methods to perform hair transplantation. Some of the most common techniques are mentioned below:
Strip Harvesting
Strip harvesting in the FUT method removes a strip of hair, usually from the back of the head, and is dissected into smaller groups to implant into the recipient areas. This is a common technique that is faster than harvesting from different locations. Even though there is strip removed, the scar is easily covered by new as well as surrounding hair.
Follicular Unit Extraction
Small groups of hair are harvested in a larger part around the head followed by implantation into the desired site. Given that graft comes from all around the scalp, there is less bleeding and post-surgery discomfort, and no sutures are needed. The scars consequential to this method are scattered and not concentrated in one part. However, a much larger area of hair has to be clipped short.
Flap Surgery
This particular method removes a section or part of the scalp and is replaced with a section of the skin that comprises of hair follicles. This covers a large part of baldness and because the skin is intact, hair grows almost immediately from the region and will not take months to grow.
Scalp Reduction
In some cases, advancement flap surgery or scalp reduction is performed as an alternative or along with hair transplantation. In this procedure, a section of the bald scalp is removed and the hairline is pull forward for filling the bald spot. If more hair is required, flap surgery can be performed for covering the remaining area.
The type of method that works best for you will be determined the plastic surgeon. We help you choose the best plastic surgeon so that you can get the desired results.




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