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Neck Lift Surgery

Neck lift surgery

Indian medical tourism has been a popular choice among many people in the world. It is not only because of the best doctors but also the most advanced technology and quality care that too at an affordable cost that has made plastic surgery procedures in India highly popular among westerners. Neck lift surgery is one of the most sought-after cosmetic surgery procedures among a large number of people.

It is often that people neglect the appearance of their neck. However, it is one of the first places that show signs of aging. Also, extreme weight loss or exposure to the sun might contribute to the skin on a person’s neck looking aged, sagging and loose. We all put in a lot of effort when it comes to improving facial appearance. It is equally important to take care of the neck. If you think that the skin of your neck appears to have lost its natural elasticity or has started sagging, or if there are excess fat and skin that you want to get rid of, the best available solution is neck lift surgery. The only board-certified, experienced and qualified plastic surgeon can perform this procedure so that you can achieve a youthful-looking, slim and smooth neck. If you are considering this procedure then it is important to understand all facts and aspects before making a decision.

How is neck lift surgery done?

Neck lift surgery is considered as one of the most transformative procedures In the cosmetic branch of medicine. In this procedure, the surgeon removes fat deposits from the neck, restructures the underlying muscle dramatically rejuvenating the appearance of the person’s neck. It is one of the most reliable and safest procedures in the world of plastic surgery. With the advancement made in the plastic surgery field, modern neck lift surgery can be done with minimal incisions and scarring while giving natural-looking great results.

If only minimal contouring is required, this procedure can be performed with liposuction. The procedure for neck lift surgery is mentioned below:

  • The surgeon makes the incisions behind the ears or/ and under the chin based on the procedure that has been chosen.
  • The platysma muscle is tightened and stitched together in a way similar to the cinching of the shoelaces.
  • The surgeon then removes excess fat deposits and skin
  • Skin and tissues are repositioned and closed with sutures
  • Incisions are closed and drains are placed prior to the bandaging wounds


Recovery depends on how you follow the instructions given by the surgeon. However, here is how recovery would be like:

Right after the procedure, your neck would be swollen and bruised and it would feel numbness and tightness. The bruising will subside within four to five days however the feelings of numbness and tightness might remain for many months.

For timely and smooth healing and recovery, it is very important for you to adhere to the instructions given by the surgeon. The surgeon would provide you detailed instructions after the procedure including the information about the type of activity that is safe and how to care for drains. Additionally, you will also get instructions related to the normal symptoms you would experience and signs of serious complications. It is important to understand that the time it takes for recovery varies among patients.


As far as results of the neck lift surgery are considered, they are great. They improve over time, even when a patient heals from the procedure. It would take nearly six months to achieve optimal results. Patients who avoid drinking, smoking and other poor lifestyle habits are likely to recover and achieve much better results.

Scarring after the surgery is minimal especially when the neck lift is performed by a board-certified, experienced and qualified surgeon. The tighter and defined jawline and neck skin would usually last between six and ten years.




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